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Common sense of maintenance of power capacitor cleaning machine


Power capacitor cleaning machine maintenance common sense power capacitor cleaning machine in the daily cleaning process, due to the influence of chemical or physical factors, the surface of the instrument will occur different changes, and even affect the effect of the cleaning of the instrument. Therefore, we should pay attention to the daily use of power capacitor cleaning machine maintenance, the editor of Zhengzhou Runda Electric Power Cleaning summarized some common sense maintenance, and now share with you.

Tongjie High Pressure Pumps Co. invited to participate in 2020 Dual-Use Enterprise Development Conference


In order to find development opportunities and product markets for dual-use enterprises, enhance their technological innovation and industrialization promotion capability, and promote the industrialization process of their projects, the China Academy of Aerospace Systems Science and Engineering and the National Council of Dual-Use Technologies and Products successfully held the "2020 Dual-Use Enterprise Development Conference" in Beijing on August 13 - 14, 2020. ".

The content of high pressure test pump regulating valve quality control


The regulating valve is an important part of the high pressure test pump, the regulating valve controls the pressure problem of the high pressure test pump, once the regulating valve has problems, resulting in the internal pressure of the entire test pump will not be able to maintain a balance. Therefore, in the installation before, must be strict quality inspection of the regulating valve. Wuxi Shengrui Co. shows you, in the high pressure test pump regulating valve quality inspection are required to check what?

Good news: Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Co. was awarded "Coal Safety Certificate" again


Warmly congratulate the coal mine series products of Tianjin Tongjie High Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co. successfully passing the evaluation of "National Safety Standard Mine Safety Mark Center”.

Notes on the use of high-pressure pumps


In some industrial places, will use to high pressure pump, but sometimes the height of the floor will affect a certain use effect, then from such a point of view, then the choice of high pressure pump should take into account what elements?

Oil storage tank cleaning programme


According to the nature and characteristics of the equipment inner wall scale, matching with the corresponding industrial cleaning agent can make the high pressure cleaning effect better.