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The content of high pressure test pump regulating valve quality control


The regulating valve is an important part of the high pressure test pump, the regulating valve controls the pressure problem of the high pressure test pump, once the regulating valve has problems, resulting in the internal pressure of the entire test pump will not be able to maintain a balance. Therefore, in the installation before, must be strict quality inspection of the regulating valve. Wuxi Shengrui Co. shows you, in the high pressure test pump regulating valve quality inspection are required to check what? 

1, valve model, valve type, nominal diameter, valve seat size, valve core form, flow characteristics, leakage grade, valve body material, valve core material, valve seat material, CV value level size and sealing surface form. As long as one of the contents is found to be inconsistent with the design should be determined and approved by the design.


2, the actuator part of this content should mainly check the actuator model, type, role form, spring range, air supply pressure, etc..

3, positioner part of this content should mainly be checked the input signal, gas source pressure, electrical and gas source interface size and explosion-proof level of the positioner, of which the explosion-proof level shall not be lower than the design level requirements. 

4, accessories according to the design of the technical requirements of the regulating valve carefully clean the accessories, such as filtering pressure reducing valve, valve position switch, solenoid valve, hand wheel mechanism, special tools.


As long as one on the quality control content is not qualified, then the regulating valve can’t be used for the installation of high-pressure test pumps.