Application Area - Energy industry


Specific applications for power plants

Power plant products are mainly aimed at the dredging and cleaning of pipes such as steam engine condensers, high and low pressure heaters, condensers and heat exchangers in power plants, as well as boiler fans, ash discharge branch pipes, water-cooled walls, flue desulphurizers or desulphurization towers, cleaning the outside of tube bundles, boiler heating surfaces, wet desulphurisation, air preheaters, coal conservators and slag discharge main pipes. The presence of ash accumulation makes the flue gas resistance increase and the temperature of the exhaust smoke rise, which becomes a hidden danger for the safe operation of the boiler.


Specific applications of energy information

Removal of scaling material from chutes and hoppers and completion of de-scaling of water pipes, air ducts; as well as cleaning and descaling of radioactive fouling in nuclear fuel chambers, scale in heat exchangers, superheaters, boilers, evaporators and turbine blades.


Cylinder pressurization

The main principle of the plunger pump cylinder fatigue test set is to use high-pressure water to complete the effect of hydraulic pulses on the inside of gas cylinders and steel cylinders, to test the resistance of gas cylinders and steel cylinders to pulse fatigue testing, the equipment can also control the ambient temperature and medium temperature. The test results can be automatically saved, while the Chinese and English versions of the report can be automatically generated, historical curves and data reports can be queried, printouts can be made, the high-pressure pressure gauge can be monitored by video, and abnormal alarms can be generated in case of failure.


Oil Industry

Cleaning and removal of polymer, coke, oil scale, scale, sediment, corrosion and other dirt from all types of towers, heat exchangers, tank vessels, reactors and pipelines. It can also be used for drilling radial horizontal wells, abrasive jet cutting, assisting with high pressure water jets/direct rock breaking to increase drilling speed, unblocking near well zones, sand flushing, wax removal and rotary impact drilling with pulse jets.