Application Area - Marine field


Subsea pipeline repair

Due to force majeure and accidental factors, subsea pipelines inevitably break down. The subsea pipeline maintenance and repair operations often require the cleaning of the coating, when high-pressure water jetting equipment is used to treat the surface of the sea pipe.


Marine underwater cleaning

In marine operations, the bottom of the ship is easily covered with marine life scale. High-pressure water jets can be used for underwater cleaning to reduce resistance to navigation, reduce fuel consumption and ensure ship speed.


Abrasive water jet underwater cutting technology

Compared to other cutting methods, abrasive waterjets are more versatile, flexible and suitable for applications where personnel are not easily accessible. Abrasive water jets are formed by adding abrasives to a high pressure water jet and when used for underwater cutting, the hydrostatic pressure has a significant impact on the performance of the water jet. The hybrid abrasive jet uses a separate hose for abrasive delivery, so there are no problems with clogging of the high-pressure hose and no serious wear on the high-pressure hose lines, so it can be used for deep water cutting.