Application Area - Shipping industry


Removal of old paint layers from ship walls

High-pressure water jets are used to remove sediment from the ship during navigation, to remove growth, rust, paint and sea salt from the ship's hull and hold, and to remove adhesions from the hold and bilge. Regular cleaning of the ship removes growth and algae from the hull surface and reduces the resistance to navigation. This reduces fuel consumption and ensures that the ship sails faster.


Cleaning and removing paint from the bottom of a ship

The dock bottom trolley is suitable for cleaning flat counter-attack areas such as the flat bottom of a ship, as well as flat areas such as the deck; it can be used for manual breaking and other operations by replacing the rust removal head, Flexible and easy to use with recovery system.


Prepare ships for corrosion prevention

The rust remover is equipped with a vacuum rust remover to achieve " instant dry" operation, and the rust slag and waste water generated during the rust removal process is recycled and discharged, thus reducing emissions and recycling the environment. It also eliminates the need for surface cleaning of steel plates, site cleaning and rework, providing a solution to the environmental problem of rust removal on ships.